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Android versions: A history from 1.0 to 13

Investigate Android's continuous development with this visual course of events of forms, beginning B.C. (Prior to Cupcake) going the whole way to 2022's still-a work in progress Android 13 delivery. What a long, peculiar excursion it's been. From its debut delivery to now, Android has changed outwardly, reasonably and practically — endlessly time once more. Google's versatile working framework might have begun sketchy, yet sacred moly, has it at any point advanced. Here is a speedy visit through Android form features from the stage's introduction to the world to introduce. (Go ahead and avoid ahead if you simply have any desire to see what's going on in Android 12 or Android 13.) Android adaptations 1.0 to 1.1:The early days Android disclosed its true presentation in 2008 with Android 1.0 — a delivery so old it didn't actually have a charming codename. Things were essential in those days, however the product incorporated a set-up of early Goog